about me


Sany (saw-nee) is the name I was given, and it literally means one in a million. The times that people have pronounced my name right on the first try in my whole lifetime thus far can probably be counted on my fingers, so don’t worry. You’ll pvremember eventually. I started going by Sunny as a nickname in
high school, I’ve been told it matches my personality. It’s pretty rare to catch me in a bad mood. I’m sensitive to other people’s comfort zones, but never hold back when telling the truth. Creative expression is my calling, and I know my purpose is to make everything I come into contact with more beautiful than I left it. Growing up, I made my own story books, painted, sketched, put on plays, and did what ever I could to bring my ideas to life and entertain others. Now I’m a 20 something meaning, much like the rest of my generation, I am just now experiencing unbelievable freedom that comes with creating a whole life and living entirely for myself alone. Some of us chose to build our dreams on the 9-5, and some of us chose to wander.


My own story began 5,080 miles south of Toronto in Brazil. Growing up being told all about how chance brought me and my family together through adoption. Come to think of it, that’s probably where I contracted the travel bug. I always loved going new places, and on long drives with family. When I got old enough, long drives evolved into plane tickets taking me to where ever I could afford to go in my time off university.

schools’ out

I completed university and chose a degree in sociology because I have a massive passion for the way humans interact. Nothing makes my days more worthwhile than learning from strangers, and finding out their unique story. I’m the type of person who wanders off on nights out, and leaves with a who new group of friends. My favorite part of getting to know new people is breaking the ice, and unleashing their weird. Everyone’s got their quirks, I have tons, and I will find yours. Serving jobs, retail, and destination trip leader for traveling student groups have been my most recent occupations. But really, it all comes down to the fact that I love any job that allows creative expression. Now that school is over however, my jobs have become centered around travel.


There’s a certain high that comes from experiencing something for the first time. There are places that have a smell I will never forget, or towns with a food cart where I ate the best empanadas I’ve ever had. There are countries where the sounds of it’s animals are ones you wouldn’t even believe were of this earth (and scared the shit out of me the first time I heard them). Sensory overload is a powerful tool to create with, and it is my chosen medium when I write.  Anything that launches me out of my comfort zone is my happy place.

the synthesis

Traveling was the only way I could find myself so out of my element that I had something I felt was truly profound to write about. But if I had to choose what exactly about traveling made it so amazing, it was meeting the different walks of life that came with it. Sociology varies extremely from culture to culture, and traveling has exposed me to a million different ways of life. So tune in to hear all about my latest travels. Every single adventure is only as unique as the people you meet along the way.

the purpose of sunny&earth

This site and everything to do with it has become my complete and all consuming outlet since March 2016. I have spent countless hours completing my travel journal, editing pictures and albums, and brainstorming ideas to bring this piece of me to life. I am especially proud to say that I took every photo on this site myself, with the exception of some product photos. The first goal of this site is to inspire others to rocket themselves out of their comfort zone. The second is to create a space for me to share everything I’ve created as a result of traveling. That includes every mantra, every picture, and video, and every story. This is the first time in my life I have been entirely focused on one personal goal, and been completely dedicated and motivated towards personal success. My hope is that you read or see something of mine that changes you in some way, and if so, that you will leave a word or two sharing your experience.