a year without snow

a year without snow


This whole thing began with spring break. In February of final year I went with 4 of my soul mates to Cancun, Mexico. The 5 of us were roommates, and we wanted the full university experience even if it did cost us two grand for one week of bliss.  That week, I developed some dreadful Spanglish, acquired some hilarious near death experiences, and even found a hostel that I fell in love with. There were insane catamaran rides, perfect skies and beaches, champagne fights on cabanas by the pool, nightlife that rivaled Vegas, and we met hundreds of students from around the world. At the end of each day, I found myself thinking No, THIS has to be the best day of my life. I wasn’t prepared to go home to winter and exams, or leave Spanish culture behind. I’m not ashamed to admit that I cried on the plane home. Me and one of my roomies swore we’d go back in September together, and I promised some British guy I met at the club I’d come back for him too (it was love ahahahahah).

Fast forward to July and my roomie still hadn’t 100% committed to going to Mexico. So I had to make a game time decision. The thought of going alone made my stomach lurch. What would my parents think, isn’t Mexico dangerous, what if I don’t make friends, it’s low season, what if there’s nothing to do? These were all extremely valid concerns of mine, but a strength (and weakness) I possess is my stubborn determination. There was no way in hell that I was going to back down because of a juvenile fear like not having a friend there with me to hold my hand. I booked my flight that night, and decided last minute that one country wasn’t enough. It occurred to me that I could turn this into a bucket list item. I could go a year without snow. Considering I love all the seasons, and am after all Canadian, that would be no easy task. That meant no bundling up, no hot chocolate, and definitely no Christmas, and I already had the deep knowing that this trip would be a test of endurance more than a holiday. So what was meant to be a 5 week trip to Mexico turned into a 4 month adventure to almost half of the countries in Central America.



nicca banner

fnez banner

I’m proud to say I made all of these banners using pictures I took while in each destination. To see more pictures, check out the photo album, search #ayearwithoutsnow, and follow sunnyandearth on insta