costa rica

costa rica

Everything about Costa Rica is lush, alive, peaceful and green. I have La Ruka Hostel to thank for the complete community vibes I felt while living in Puerto Viejo, as well as a few very important people I met while I lived there in the fall of 2015. If I had to choose an element for Costa Rica, it would be water. That is largely because of the many beaches I spent my time visiting on my bike, as well as because of all the tropical storms I saw while I lived on the outskirts of the jungle. Because of lacking money I never explored much of the rest of the country, besides when I stayed in San Jose, but I didn’t need to. Eventually, I moved on to a much hotter, drier, and crazier town in Nicaragua. I would get homesick here and there, but it was usually for PV. Click below on the titles for awesome tales from the vortex!

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