This part of my trip was the most connected I felt to Earth. Seeing ruins, and jungle, and ocean was the most physically adventurous part of my trip. It is also the only part of my trip where I truly backpacked… with a massive blue suitcase. Over the course of my travels, I only made a handful of friends that I can say were my best friends while travelling. One of them was one awesome girl from Melbourne AU, and we ended up going our separate ways when I had my flight to Costa Rica in October. I was lucky enough to catch up with her in Nicaragua, and it was always a welcome surprise to see familiar faces trickle into town as our paths crossed again. Mexico took most of my money, but it was money well spent, especially on food. I never had food as good as I had it in Mexico again for my whole trip. I started out in Cancun, then slowly migrated to Isla Mujeres, Cozumel, and then Tulum.  Click on any of the stories that catch you interest below to read about my antics!

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Hostel Quetzal

Pocna Hostel

Mezcal Hostel

Beds Friends Hostel

Day Tripper Hostel