lessons from a gypsy

Traveling isn’t always expensive, but you can bet that it will never be free. It can be tricky to find jobs that pay well while on the move unless you have a visa or a work for a company that allows you to work remotely. So therefore being able to find ways to fund travels while you’re still abroad requires just as much creativity as it does a willingness to abandon your comfort zone.

take away message

One of the easiest ways to support my travels was through trading my creativity its self. Doing simple DIY’s for my friends like skillfully cutting a T-Shirt, or handing out flyers to promote events could be exchanged for a few drinks. Spending a few hours on front desk checking people in meant a free night’s stay at a hostel. Those were just a few ways that I eased up my expenses. While travelling, I even noticed that other backpackers were setting up shop and selling their artistries on the beach near high traffic spots. That was a source of inspiration I took home with me, and have created Sunny and Earth Jewelry as a result.

pillars of creation

While traveling, I had such little access to materials that reusing old items to make new things was paramount. There were a number of benefits from working only with used items, which included sustainability, ethic, originality and beauty. With the planet in mind, recycling ensures environmental consciousness and ultimately sustainability. This paved the way to running an ethical operation, and because I was hand making jewelry pieces myself, there was no question that it was a fair trade of wages for my work. These aspects resulted in truly unique final products which were even more beautiful simply because of the guarantee that my work was exclusive. This will never be a mass production.  Sunny and Earth creations will always be just me working to remaster what ever old items I come across to give new life, and I could never wish for more.

how can I help

I take great joy in having friends come to me and show me something that inspires them, and then creating something for them in spirit of that piece. Many of the things I make are inspired by this collaboration, so if you ever see a cool tie dye pattern, a weird arm cuff, a cool piece of art you want to mimic, or even just need someone to make a flyer for an event, you know who you can contact to create something inspired.

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