In a world where your generation seems to be all consumed in wanderlust, it is a challenge to choose what path is right for you. Do I backpack alone? Do I bring a friend? Do I do Asia first or Central America, should I get a visa? Should I check out this awesome looking company with the sun burst logo? Yes. A Thousand times, yes. Do it.

My first initial experience with Free and Easy Traveler co. actually happened totally by chance. Alternatively I have an abundance of concrete reasons why I continue to recommend them as my go-to travel company for 19-35 year olds. I am dying to share them all, and they seem to come up in just about every conversation I have about travel these days, but I will share these 5 to start.

1. Fam Jam

The single most powerful reason I travel FnEz is because of the feeling of acceptance that embodies every person in all levels of the company. That positivity is felt right from guy patiently answering your every question over email leading up to your trip (Thanks Ben), all the way to your Leader who you’re likely to stay in touch with for years to come after your tour. FnEZ has found a way to attract the most genuinely openhearted people. That feeling like I was venturing around with 200 awesome new friends was a something I couldn’t shake. They truly do master the art of creating a family vibe on their tours.

2. Knowledge is Power

Travel is no vacation when you don’t know the local language, customs, places to get unique souvenirs, or where the hell to grab a beer. Since FnEZ mostly travels off the beaten path throughout their tours, you can find yourself being a little extra dependent on someone who knows the ropes. This is where the Trip Leaders crush it. Chances are you will have a leader who has also lived in the areas you tour, and done their own independent exploring throughout the country. They can usually carry on a conversation in the local language, know the ladies who run the laundry mat by name (We love you, Santini), and what streets to avoid in rush hour. For my birthday while I was on tour, we even shut down a bar for the night to have an exclusive birthday party. The fact that calling in a favor like that was nothing to my leader was the moment I went Damn, you got me covered, there is nothing we can’t do.

3. Numbers Don’t Lie

There is no shortage of companies to travel with these day.  If you’re like me and want to do everything on your bucket list yesterday, than picking who to travel with is most of the battle. Let me make it easy for you. FnEZ is the single most awarded company on TourRadar with a 4.7/5 rating, and they hit their 15th thousandth traveler in April this year. These numbers are amazing in themselves, but the reason this hits home is that it was all accomplished purely by word of mouth. The most advertising you will find on FnEZ to date besides their FB and IG is that little sticker on the bar of that awesome floating hostel you stayed at in Panama. Everything else is left to us travelers to spread the good word, so koodos to us all. We are part of something huge here.

4. Unleash Your Weird

I am completely at peace with my weirdness. Part of that weirdness is that I have an undying love for dressing up. I don’t mean your typical girls night out I’m wearing stilettos  kinda dress up. I mean more like Half my wardrobe is made of costumes dress up. And believe it or not… FnEZ is down with that. On my 1st trip I had a fuzzy Bear hat packed away in the bottom of my suitcase. I had nervously been picking my moment to bust it out. However on Sunday Funday (San Juan Del Sur exclusive) I saw every single leader parading around in top hats, feather boas, animal onesies, and covered head to toe in glitter and face paint. I had been nervous to let me weird shine through for no good reason.These people were my tribe all along.

5. Work aint Work

I wouldn’t travel with a company unless I thought they were absolutely top in their game. But how I measure success is more than the numbers, and how I feel coming away from a trip. I’m a huge believer that the success of any company is largely dependent on how appreciated their employees feel. I cannot support a company that I myself think I would be unhappy working for. So I dare you to find one person who works for FnEZ that is not absolutely head over heels in love with their job. Every person I have met from FnEZ has been fiercely dedicated, and that passion radiates every moment you see them share stories about past travels, and friendships made through this company. That is something I can absolutely get behind.

There are so many reasons to travel but not all these points of interest can be said about every company. So if you’re ever feeling lost without a direction, pack a bag, your tooth brush, passport, and your bear hat and let these guys give you the experience of a life time. No rAgrets.