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free and easy experiences


The 10 day Free and Easy Caribbean Retreat is the first trip with the company I ever went on. We began in San Jose, Costa Rica and slowly made our way to Puerto Viejo, and then Bocas Del Toro in Panama. We drove through the mountains and saw lush green landscapes on our way from San Jose to Puerto Viejo. That in its self is quite the experience. We rented bikes in town, and spent afternoons listening to reggae on the beach, hanging out in jungle lodges and spying on wildlife, and visiting friendly locals at their stores, bars, and restaurants. This is a tour where you go where the locals go, live the Pura Vida, and become more than just tourists. After Puerto, we took off to Panama in our shuttle and partied the whole way there. There is nothing boring about being in transit as long as you have a few drinks, portable speakers, and good stories from last night to keep you company. In Panama we took a boat taxi to our hostel, which was on stilts in the water, and explored the colorful Bocas Del Toro. No two bars or restaurants were the same, and we even went to a place that had swimming holes and water slides. I had my reservations about group travel before the trip, but between the amazing fellow backpackers and trip leaders I had while on tour, I was completely blown away. I hadn’t traveled with a group since I was in Mexico a month before, and  even then we all kept to our own agendas for the most part. It was a welcome change to have a little family to stick with. Click on any of the titles below to read more about my time on tour!

tales from carribe retreat


Our group taking over Tasty Waves, throwing up the horns

got plans in january?

I was lucky enough to also spend the majority of my time in Nicaragua surrounded by the company family, and ring in 2016 on the Final Fiesta tour in Nicaragua.  We rallied in San Juan Del Sur, and completely took over town. This little spot on the map has the party force of a glittery atomic bomb packed into only 10 blocks (you’ll get the glitter reference if you’ve ever been to Sunday Funday. Yes. It is a very real and serious event in San Juan) Every hostel in town was almost full of Free and Easy travelers, and everywhere you looked you could see our stickers and flags. Final Fiesta sells out year after year, and is the top rated new years tour. Many of the events are Free and Easy exclusives, and frankly make you feel like a total baller on a backpacker’s budget. This is definitely a more party centered tour, but when it comes to new years, I wouldn’t have it any other way. After new years was over, and the town slowly emptied, we ventured out to Escameca to finish off the trip and enjoy a more relaxed vibe at a yoga and surf retreat. So my question for you is… am I buying you a Toña or a Victoria when you get into town? Click on any of the titles below to read hilarious stories about my final fiesta.


Sunday Funday with Curtis, the owner of Free and Easy, our friends, and Alana the rad trip leader

feisty fiesta diaries

tour vibes

One of the most memorable parts of the tour will of course be the incredible sights you see, but another is how close the groups get. Free and Easy has a knack for attracting the type of travelers that are all about positivity and going with the flow. It is easy to be relaxed on these tours because of the perfect balance between structured plans and unplanned chill time. This means that no activity is mandatory, and you have the ultimate freedom to tailor your experience to exactly what you want. To be entirely honest though, you won’t want to miss out on anything planned. Most activities are built into the cost of your trip, and are so unique that you will likely never be able to do them anywhere else which is why they were chosen in the first place. Some examples are underwater surfing, seeing native exotic animals in humane rehabilitation centers (not zoos!), and white water rafting through the jungle. There is always something to do, but your schedule is never so tight that you can’t take an afternoon siesta.  The affordability of these tours is also a huge plus, there is always ample time and flexibility to pay off your trip, and tons of tours on sale to choose from. Considering all these factors, it should come as no surprise that Free and Easy is the most awarded company on TourRadar.

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