We made it back to Poc Na and started drinking with the same massive group of people that our roommates told us about the previous night. Most of them were from Australia and a few of them were from Israel, Vancouver, and England. There was also this group of 40 somethings from Australia who were on holiday for the next week.

They took turns introducing themselves, and buying rounds of drinks… and they weren’t buying for just a few of us… but all 15 of us. I found myself more inclined to their company regardless of their personalities, however shallow both may have been. There was Ewyn, a tall blonde Jewish man who looked like an over grown toddler with his youthful head of blonde curls and toothy grin. There was Calvin, tall, stocky, bald and decisive. Then short and bald Quinlan who owned a hugely successful line of beauty products that I recognized very well. He also had an accent that I couldn’t pinpoint. Then there was also Wilbur, who was this massive man with a mop of  greasy curly black hair, glasses, and reminiscent of an over grown geeky teenager. After a while I gathered from the information that they told us that their wives thought they were at an all inclusive and not backpacking around Mexico. I didn’t see the point in lying about something like that and I wondered why they would mention it to a group of 20 somethings if not to try and come off cool. I got a nagging feeling that it would be hard to shake these guys in the future.

Multiple rounds of drinks and games later, I still hadn’t spent a dime. The Aussie men still weren’t letting anyone pay for their own drinks. Our roommates had told us that morning that the same thing had happened the night before, but me and Amie had chalked that up to an exaggeration. We were laughing hard playing an absurd game that was popular in Israel and I thought to myself This is the most fun I’ve had all trip and the beach party still hadn’t begun. There was awesome salsa music blaring from the live band performing on the stage in the courtyard just beyond the palm enclosure.  Quinlan turned to me and gestured toward the floor.

“You must know how to dance, it’s in your blood.”

I had a pretty strong buzz going and and jumped out of my seat. I don’t know the first thing about salsa but I didn’t need to. Quinlan was hands down the best teacher I ever had, and I found myself effortlessly spinning and dipping. Once the song finished the small crowd that was watching and dancing applauded themselves and then the real party began. The stage out in the open courtyard was pumping, and I was sure you easily would have been able to hear it all the way from North Beach. the playlist was amazing and even though I was so tired that I could have fallen asleep standing, me and Amie kept going. Over Amie’s shoulder however, I noticed someone I recognized from earlier that day watching us.

It was a Canadian girl from Winnipeg as I overheard a few hours ago before the party had started. At the time she was extremely loud, extremely drunk, and to my annoyance harshly yelling the wrong words to the Canadian Anthem to a group of uncomfortable people sitting at her bench. She had cropped blonde hair, cammo pants, large black spacers, thick wallet chain, and tight knee high combat boots. I assumed she was a lesbian not because of her masculine appearance and demeanor, but because she was staring at me and Amie like a pile of steaks.

One minute we were all dancing together then the next this Winnipeg chick had crossed the floor to Amie and cupped her hands around her privates with her whole body pressed against her back. I  would have told her to piss off if I weren’t afraid of getting punched in the face. It was a scene mortifying to watch. Amie whipped her head around and broke apart immediately, then we more or less ran away.

After a few more songs and smokes in the hammocks, we were too tired to keep going, and we called it a night. I don’t know what in the world it is about Amie that attracts all the unwanted attention that Mexico has to offer, but thank God I don’t have it.